We buy all kinds of electronic components: complete CPU towers, power supplies, motherboards, chips, processors, RAM memories, hard drives and routers at the best market price.

Each electronic component is classified by our technical staff, weighed on approved digital scales and valued according to its precious metal content. Our experience enables us to make the best classification and adjust the prices of electronic components to the maximum.

We guarantee the destruction of data and hardware and also issuing the corresponding certificates.


The fast technological advances and the high level of consumption in the world today generates substantial amounts of electronic scrap. It is fundamental to properly manage and recover all this waste to minimize the impact that its components have on the health of the environment, since electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) contain elements that are hazardous to the natural environment.

At Álvarez San Miguel we apply current regulations and guarantee an efficient and environmentally-friendly treatment and classification of these waste. In addition, we also provide the required certificate of destruction (of data and hardware).