Automotive batteries

Álvarez San Miguel has the required Hazardous Waste Manager (13G02A1300008342L) and Hazardous Waste Carrier (13T01A1900018578D) permits. Aside from purchasing used batteries at the most competitive price in Madrid, we also issue the required certificates for the management and recovery of these items.


Lead batteries are versatile and are used for different purposes: automotive, solar panels, UPS, etc. At the end of their useful life, they are considered hazardous waste as they contain sulfuric acid (electrolyte) and lead electrodes. They must always be handled by qualified personnel, they will be stored in containers enabled for this purpose and with all the security conditions set out in European regulations.


The responsibility to protect the environment is one of our top concerns, being even greater in the case of waste that can seriously harm the natural environment by containing harmful and toxic elements. Ensuring the recovery of these materials and their correct treatment is essential for a conscientious and environmentally friendly company like Álvarez San Miguel.